Valerie Sabol

School of Nursing                   

My scholarship, teaching, and clinical focus includes translating and implementing evidence-based practices for older adults, often a vulnerable population, across care settings. In one of my courses, for example, I address sustainability concepts and how the environment/climate impacts obesity (i.e., nutrition, mobility, and overall health). Also, improving appropriate disposal of medical waste is an emerging interest (co-authored publication currently in review).

As a nurse/nurse practitioner, I am passionate about the impact of climate on individual/population health and sustainability efforts that support individual/population/planetary health. I have served on the Campus Sustainability Committee and the University Climate & Sustainability Strategic Task Force. Few healthcare faculty and licensed providers are proficient with this emerging science and the content is notably limited/absent from healthcare curricula and annual training, respectively. I seek to partner with experts to discover new knowledge and create databases that lend itself to teaching Duke students and healthcare providers.