AnnMarie Walton

School of Nursing

My research centers on understanding and minimizing occupational exposures to known carcinogens. Specifically, I am interested in pesticide protective behaviors for Latino migrant and seasonal farmworkers and in minimizing occupational exposure to antineoplastic drugs for healthcare workers. I have experience with some methods of assessing contamination and exposure including surface wipe sampling, hand wipe sampling, and recently the use of silicone wrist bands.

I am the Duke University School of Nursing’s liaison to the Nurses Climate Challenge and am trying to increase education for our students in population health (which I facilitate) about climate change: I also served on the University Climate Initiative in the Climate Resilience Workgroup. I put together a webinar with a student and the Duke Gardens staff about gardening as a climate change solution. I gave a lecture to the health system about climate change for Earth Day in 2021 and participate in the Moral Movements in Medicine to do some introductory climate change education. I do not consider myself an expert in this area, but someone interested in learning more and in ensuring that nurses understand the impact that healthcare facilities have on the environment. I also know that pesticides (which are part of my research) are in greater use because of the impact of climate change. I am a member of ANHE (Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments) and a member of a newly formed group of nurses interested in environmental health within the Oncology Nursing Society.