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Ashley Ward

Nicholas Institute

My research has focused on heat exposure, primarily maternal health, occupational heat exposure, and student-athletes. Much of my work with the NOAA-RISA program was on the ground, community engagement work with rural communities in North Carolina and South Carolina, building resilience and developing adaptation strategies to climate extremes (heat was my area of research but I worked with communities on a variety of extremes). PhD in medical geography, Research Associate and Climate-Health Engagement Specialist with the NOAA-RISA program for the Carolinas (CISA).

Joel Aik

Duke-NUS Medical School (Singapore)

I am an environmental epidemiologist with a background in public health and environmental engineering. My present research focuses on assessing the influence of environmental exposures on the risk of adverse health outcomes in human populations, as well as the evaluation of interventions and programmes to inform public health policy and practice.  

My research has focused on the effects of climate variability and air pollution on communicable and non-communicable health outcomes in human populations