Ranaivo Rasolofoson


Nicholas School of the Environment

I am interested in planetary health, i.e., how human alteration of natural systems affects human health. I am a postdoctoral researcher. I have investigated the impacts of nature conservation programs and environmental change on environmental, human well-being, health, and nutritional outcomes. I have used different methods such as participatory research, rigorous causal inference designs, structural equation modeling, and geospatial analysis. I have done multi-country, national (Madagascar, Haiti, Honduras), and case study analyses. I am interested in designing, testing, and evaluating the impacts of nature-based climate mitigation solutions, such as forest conservation, to ensure that they deliver climate, environmental, and human health and nutrition co-benefits.



Causal Inference, Environmental Change, Food Security, Human Wellbeing, Impact evaluation, Nature-Based Solution, Nature Conservation, Nutrition, Planetary Health, Low and Middle-Income Countries