Karin Reuter-Rice


School of Nursing

I am a tenured associate professor in the School of Nursing, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics and affiliate faculty in the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences. I am both a clinical expert in child health and scientist. My research focus is in the area of trauma and brain injury. With a collaborative research team approach and federal, foundation and industry funding, I examine the relationship between biological processes, physiologic responses and health outcomes in children who are at risk for or who have experienced a brain injury. In my work I uses technology approaches, such genetic and genomics to further advance the science in pediatric brain injury. My work also straddles the community with a lens on prevention and a focus on reducing disparities in children who experience a concussion. My published research findings have been presented internationally and have led to new practice recommendations for children at risk for neurologic injury while hospitalized in the intensive care unit. I also serve as the chair of the North Carolina Governor’s Brain Injury Advisory Council’s Children and Youth Committee, where we develop health policies that support brain injury prevention and recovery.                        


My expertise is in child heath, which is greatly impacted by climate events and ongoing climate challenges. There are many examples of adverse climate effects on child health from a macro and micro level. One example is epigenetic changes that have both life-long and generational consequences on health. Additionally, there are indirect effects of less obvious climate concerns that leave unintended downstream side effects in the health of children, families, and communities that would benefit by investigation and/or broader educational initiatives.